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Calm the F*ck Down Candle

  • Calm the F*ck Down Candle

Number one Roller Oil and Linen Spray is now a candle! Made with 100% soy wax candle blended with premium fragrance oils (Patchouli, Lavender, and Sweet Orange), and subtle crackling wood tube wick packaged in an apothecary 6oz amber glass jar top with a black metal lid.

Candle is poured by KiRoKa Essentials (my sister!)

Roller Oil:

Linen Spray:

Product Care:
-Upon first use, burn for at least two hours, or until the entire surface has turned to liquid wax. This will help prolong the life of your candle.
-Trim wick to 1/8” before each lighting. This will maintain an even and clean burn.
-Burn for no more than 3-4 hours at a time.
-Always keep candles in sight when in use. Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire such as furniture, drapes, books, paper, flammable materials, etc.
-Never leave a burning candle unattended. Extinguish candles when leaving a room or before going to sleep. Be sure the wick ember is no longer glowing.
-Always burn candles in a well-ventilated room. Don’t burn too many candles in a small room or in a “tight” home where air exchange is limited.
-Choose an area away from drafts, open air vents or ceiling fans. This will help avoid rapid burning and prevent flare-ups.
-Candle, container and/or wax can become hot when in use.
-Always burn candle on a stable, heat resistant surface. This can help prevent heat damage to underlying surfaces and prevent glass containers from breaking.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.
-Keep wax pool free from wick and other debris at all times.
-Never use a knife or sharp object to remove wax drippings from a glass holder. It might scratch, weaken, or cause the glass to break upon subsequent use.
-Extinguish a candle if it repeatedly smokes, flickers, or the flame becomes too high. -The candle isn’t burning properly. Cool, align and trim the wick, then check for drafts before relighting.
-Never burn a candle all the way down. When only 1/2" of wax remains, it's time to order a new candle.
-Extinguish candle carefully, allow it to cool completely before touching or moving.
-Recommend to use a candle snuffer to extinguish a candle. Never use water as it can cause wax to splatter or glass to break.